Annabelle Fox

 "Fox is a triple threat. She has a gorgeous voice, is a spirited hoofer and a convincing actress.
Her ever-present smile and cheerful persona light up the stage."- Stuart Brown

PC: Ryan M. Hunt


She performed in Johnny & the Devil's Box in Concert at Rockwood Music Hall!
Watch her performance of, "Abigail's Song"

She starred as Kathy Selden in
Singin' in the Rain at Summer Theatre of New Canaan!
CT BWW Nomination for Best Actress in a Musical.

"First, there’s Annabelle Fox, whose performance as rising star and Lockwood’s love interest Kathy Seldin gives a timely tribute to the late Debbie Reynolds. Fox, with her wide, glistening blue eyes, genuine earnesty, and infectious smile, is a vision of Reynolds, but her performance never veers into impersonation. It’s impossible not to smile when she’s on stage."- Charlie Hobbs, The New Canaanite

Catch her on:
 New York TV Festival *Critics Choice* web-series, ROYALLY!

Catch up on her exciting new blog where she interviews NYC based actors over coffee!